PASMA Towers on Cantilevers – £175+VAT


Important Information – COVID-19

  • Only 1 Person allowed in the Training Facility at a time in addition to our instructor.
  • You will have access to the PASMA Online Portal to study the theory of the course at home.
  • On the day you come in, you should be onsite no longer than 90 minutes, leaving enough time for our instructor to assess your paperwork, conduct practical session and sanitise the room after for the next delegate.
  • For the above reason, there is a strict 15 minutes rule for if you are arriving after this time, the slot will not go ahead as it jeopardises our new health policy which is there to benefit yourselves as well as others.


What Is This Course?

The course is broken into two parts of the day. During the morning, you will be learning about the safe use of Cantilever Towers and general overview of the safety aspects. The second part of your day will be practical – you will be required to be involved in building and dismantling a Cantilever Tower.

Who Can Take This Course?

The PASMA Towers on Stairs course is for individuals who will be erecting, using, moving, inspecting and dismantling stair tower units. You must have already have a valid PASMA Towers for Users qualification in place to attend this course.