PASMA Training Courses – FAQ

Although not a legal requirement in themselves, PASMA training courses provide a comprehensive guide to gaining the certification and knowledge that legally are needed to use access tower equipment and to work at height safely. It is a requirement as an employer to provide the necessary information and training for safe working and to ensure all employees are working competently.

If you are still unsure whether gaining PASMA accreditation is worthwhile for you and your employees, Access Towers Services has answered a few of the top FAQs to consider when choosing a training scheme.

What is PASMA training?

PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers’ Association) is a training association that provides expert industry training on the safe use of mobile access towers. The association works with other professionals and industry leaders (such as Access Towers Services Ltd) to provide the essential training to anyone working at height. Although there are other training services available, the approved PASMA training courses are a well-known indicator of a competently trained workforce and will provide you with renowned certification of this training.

What does PASMA training cover?

A PASMA training course typically takes a day and is a standard training course for anyone involved in the use of mobile access towers. This includes training courses for anyone using the tower or a manager overseeing a project that requires the use of a mobile access tower. A course will typically cover competent assembly, assessing stability, working at height and identifying risks and hazards. The test at the end of the course will assess the level of understanding gained from the course.

Do I need PASMA training?

If you are undertaking a project that requires the use of mobile access towers and requires a workforce that is trained to safely work at height, then you are required to provide evidence of competent training and understanding. As PASMA is a recognised accreditation of this training, completing the course will give you demonstrable evidence of your compliance with safety regulations.

What accreditation do I receive?

Following a PASMA training course, your details are put into the PASMA database and will remain valid for 5 years after completion. You will also receive a certificate and a photo ID card for physical evidence of training should you be required to provide it.

What are the benefits of PASMA accreditation?

There are a lot of risks attached to working at height, and it is important to provide evidence of compliance with working at height regulations. A PASMA accreditation and certificate can do exactly that and is a clear indicator that you as an employer have provided sufficient levels of training to your staff.

How do I get PASMA training? Access Towers Services can help.

Access Towers Services Ltd is a leading PASMA approved-training centre providing training for London and the South East. You can learn more about our PASMA course offering here, or get in touch if you want to learn more about your specific requirements.