An image of a worker assembling a podium unit


Ideal for jobs around a house such as painting windows, wallpaper, gutters, gardening. Great for use in and out doors with easy to assemble fold-away frames. The Mini Fold is a one-man low level access unit that only needs the board fitted and it’s good to go. Easily transportable and goes through standard doorways open or folded. The Mini Fold / Room Mate Tower has a working platform length of 1.5m and a width of 0.7m – this gives a range of fix platform heights between 0.2m and 1.7m (work heights of 2.2-3.7m).

Price Comparison

  • ACCESS TOWERS: £17.50 PER WEEK (Use Price Calculator Below!)
  • HSS Hire: £120 p/week
  • Speedy Hire: DO NOT STOCK

    Price Room Mate/Mini Fold