Podium Units are one of the most popular Low Level Access Units hired from Access Towers due to their excellent manoeuvrability and weight when on site as well as extra stability when on the unit. Our MK1 Podium will fit through a standard doorway with a MK2 being 2.6m to the top of the unit (MK1 2.0m to top). The MK1 Podium provides a work height of 3-3.2m and the MK2 Podium provides 3.2-3.45m.

Price Comparison (MK1/MK2)

  • ACCESS TOWERS: MK1 £17.50 & MK2 £22.50 PER WEEK (Use Price Calculator Below!)
  • HSS Hire: MK1 £84 & MK £92 p/week
  • Speedy Hire: MK1 £70 & MK2 £80 p/week

    Price Podium Unit