To Buy or Hire: Access Towers and Platforms

With many options and uses for access towers and platforms available, it can be difficult to decide what you need. It may be more economically viable to hire one over buying, to use until job completion. Here, Access Towers explore the options available to you, to help you decide whether hiring or making a purchase is the best option for your project. 

When Will I Need Access Towers and Platforms

Access towers and platforms are useful and safety-oriented pieces of equipment used for working at height or low level work. But with an array of towers and platforms available for your job, it may not be worth purchasing when you only need it for a certain part of the job completion. 

When hiring the equipment, there are a few factors to consider, such as which access towers and platforms you will need and for how long, and if you will use it often enough to warrant purchasing it. You may also want to consider future use in projects, as you can always hire again should the time come to need access. Although purchasing will mean the equipment is always on hand, hired equipment arrives to your project so fast it will not delay your time spent on the job if you are organised and knowledgeable about when you will need the equipment. 

Access Tower Hire: Do You Need To Buy?

Whether you need your access tower to fit into a narrow width space or be double the standard width, have a staircase or advanced guardrail (AGR), or even be a more bespoke model, hiring over purchasing can have many benefits when you are finishing off different parts of a job, if you only require it for a small period. 

If you know that you will require an access tower for multiple uses over different projects, then purchasing may be a good option. However, it is often more feasible to hire access towers, as they may only be needed to complete a project and then will no longer be required. 

Access Platform Hire: Why You Might Not Need To Buy

There are an array of low-level access platforms available for working from the ground, which can take up a lot of space if you don’t need them as a permanent fixture whilst working on your project. Genie Lifts and Podium Units are useful tools but are difficult to store and move from place to place. If hired, they can be used until job completion and are delivered and taken away quickly so there is no need to consider storage. 

Access Towers Services Can Provide Access Tower and Platform Hire

Access Towers Services have an expansive range of access towers and platforms available to hire for your job completion. We provide access hire equipment for London, including Croydon, Mitcham and Sutton areas. To enquire about quoting for a project, contact us on 0208 665 1181, or find all our contact details here. If you are ready to get started on equipment hire, you can open a trade account with us.

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