3 Types of Access Equipment

Generally speaking, ‘access equipment’ refers to any type of equipment that aids us when working at height. The type of access equipment you need will depend on the project, and in most cases you will require a range of equipment to ensure you are working safely and efficiently. Here are some of the most common types of access equipment.


A simple start, but a ladder’s importance cannot be overlooked. A well-made ladder is sturdy, versatile and easily transportable. Whether you are cleaning windows or working on the roof of a house, a ladder provides a quick, direct route to where you need to be. On larger scale projects, multiple ladders will often be used to navigate scaffolding and access towers. There is an enormous range of ladders available; some commonly found on the worksite include stepladders, fixed ladders and extension ladders.


Scaffolding is another staple piece of access equipment for most medium-to-large construction projects. It is an essential piece of equipment when building, repairing and maintaining large structures. Scaffolding is erected beside the structure and allows a large number of workers to navigate a vertical workspace. Erecting and dismantling scaffolding has the potential to put workers and the public at risk, so it is important to conduct research and seek additional help when you are considering the use of scaffolding.

Scaffold Towers

While offering a similar function, scaffold towers are significantly different to conventional scaffolding. Scaffold towers are much more flexible than normal scaffolding, as they can be adjusted easily when needed. Wheels allow the tower to be moved when required, and greater heights can be reached. They can be erected by as little as two people, not requiring the large-scale operation that is required for conventional scaffolding. If you are working at significant height, we have great value scaffold towers for hire today! We’ve also put together a handy guide for constructing your scaffold towers.

Access Towers Services Limited 

Here at Access Towers, we have a wide range of access equipment available to hire. Whether you are looking for low-level access platforms, scaffold towers or anything in between, we are confident that we have the equipment to meet your access needs. 

If you want to hire, know more or find out about our PASMA training services, contact us on 0208 665 1181 or send us a message at info@accesstowersgroup.co.uk.

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